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Welcome to my website originally established in 1996.The main goal of these pages is to reveal the simplicity of obtaining astronomical images using economical video cameras with small to medium commercial grade telescopes. While my primary interests are the planets I also enjoy trying my hand at what is possible with deep-sky capable video cameras like the the GSTAR-EX range.

Starting my celestial adventure in 1971 (still but a lad) I have enjoyed recreational astronomy for many years and have owned and used more telescopes than I care to count, and it's still ongoing!
In the early to mid 1980's I experimented with an early model Sony camcorder - shooting the Moon, Jupiter and Saturn. By the 1990's the benefits of fast image streaming technologies (video) became my passion and the results, when used for lunar and planetary work over conventional film photography, were exciting. Since then, later CCD cameras and more recently, CMOS cameras, have come a long way.

While these days I do most of my observing and photography from a suburban backyard on the Fraser Coast in Queensland, I did for some time, occasionally use the 60cm (24-inch) and 1m (40-inch) Cassegrain telescopes at Siding Spring Observatory through project time applications in the past. This was a great opportunity to experiment with video on large aperture instruments.

In 2001, I established a new optical supply business which was later revised in 2003. The success of MyAstroShop  (also known simply as AstroShop) grew far beyond my initial expectations well in to 2019 before I passed the baton on its new owner. Through this business I developed the GSTAR-EX range of CCD and CMOS cameras for astronomy along with the ProStar range of cameras and accessories.

Jupiter taken from the backyard using the GSTAR-EX3 camera and 12-inch (305mm) Newtonian telescope and 5X tele-extender.


Above: A piece of history - preparing for another experimental night of planetary imaging with the classic old Boller & Chivens 24 inch (60cm) Cassegrain telescope at Siding Spring back in 1999.













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Contributor to the following published titles:

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Published Articles (Periodicals)

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Special Mentions, Reviews and Images

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Software Developed for Astronomy

ASTRO-AVI (the prelude to GSTAR-EX capture)
SKY-IMAGE (first edition released in 1996)
LUNAVIEW 2000 (first edition released in 1996)
GSTAR-EX Capture (later refined with C.Wakeman)
ToupSky (input to its development based on GSTAR4)


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