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Personal interest in astronomy, particularly as an amateur has been somewhat of obsession. Having written and contributed to over 15 astronomy related books and numerous magazines worldwide and in Australia over the years, I decided to write a few of my own and pass on experiences and the overall joy of this hobby. To date, I have eight published titles which range from advanced to intermediate and even young readers. And while one does not get rich writing specialist title books, author satisfaction comes from meeting those who have discovered or found renewed interest in the hobby having read one of them. Thank you to those of you out there who have supported my works over the years.
Video Astronomy guides
Video Astronomy

Started on the first published title in 1998 and it was released in 2000. Video Astronomy is a beginners reference guide to using CCTV based CCD cameras for imaging the brightest object like the planets, meteors, the Sun and Moon. It includes all the practical information needed to understand the basic of this technology, its application as a useful tool in astronomy plus how to make your own astro-camera from cheaply available CCTV components found in some consumer  hobby electronics stores. It was a sell out world-wide.


Video Astronomy

Video Astronomy - Revised Edition

As we were just going to press with the first edition, many advances in Video camera technology were arriving into the market. In 2004 I added several updates to the first edition to cover these amazing advances including the new evolvement of onboard image accumulation camera technology which now saw video enter the deep-sky capable realm. We were deeply gratified to find that this title has been referenced as the bible of video astronomy in many other books published around the world.


Video Astronomy Revised Edition

Deep Sky Video Astronomy
Steve Massey & Steve Quirk

An in depth guide to the wonderful world of modern video CCD technology and how it is used to image faint deep sky targets with basic telescopes from the backyard. Plus in-depth image processing procedures to get the best out of your video images.

Published in 2009 and re-printed in 2011, our aim in this in depth title is to answer the most common questions we are bombarded with from fellow Video Astro Photographers. Rather than a glossy overview we decided to make this one a true hands-on practical guide within the Patrick Moore Practical Astronomy series. It includes detailed insight into modern frame accumulation video technology and how to process your images to ensure you reveal the finest detail in those images. It is the next step level, practical video astronomy reference for modern day videographers.


Deep-Sky Video Astronomy


Observing the Solar System
The Night Sky
Steve Massey

An introductory guide to observing the Sun, Moon & Planets.

Published in 2003, this book came about from my own deep interest in the planets and the exciting views they reveal even in common small telescopes. But, I specifically wanted something specifically geared toward Southern Hemisphere observers. After 3 publisher offers New Holland were the most committed to this small market. Sold in Australia & New Zealand their gamble paid off selling over 6000 copies in 2 years. Many amateurs I meet today have told of how this book brought them to a new interest and hobby.


The Night Sky


The Night Sky - Second Edition
Steve Massey

After the success of the first edition, the second edition was released in 2007 with a few collector copies in hard back. Including many new images taken with modest backyard telescopes, the book also required updates including the removal of poor old Pluto being classified as a planet while several new small worlds beyond it are featured.


the-night-sky2.jpg (7939 bytes)

A pocket guide to observing the Moon
Exploring the Moon
Steve Massey

Published in 2004, Exploring the Moon is a introductory guide to observing our closest celestial neighbour. This title evolved from the publishers request and a need for a locally written and published, compact Southern Hemisphere guide for those of us fascinated by the Moon and its magnificent features so readily seen in any small telescope. The Moon was the first vista I peered across as a 9 year old starting my celestial journey in 1972.

Sold throughout Australia, New Zealand, South Africa and the U.S.A, Exploring the Moon has been a successful title with a personalised, night-by-night view of our wonderful and sometimes underrated Moon.


Exploring the Moon

Exploring the Moon - TASCO EDITION
Steve Massey

With its local and overseas success, Exploring the Moon was also produced as a starters guide for Tasco Australia for those taking on their first telescope.



Special TASCO edition

Southern Sky Atlas for observers down under
Atlas of the Southern Night Sky - Original Edition 2007

Atlas of the Southern Night Sky - Second Edition

Atlas of the Southern Night Sky - Third Edition

Atlas of the Southern Night Sky - Fourth Edition 2016

Atlas of the Southern Night Sky
Steve Massey & Steve Quirk

Now in its 5th Edition, this hugely successful title is both a comprehensive and easy-to-use reference guide for Southern Hemisphere star gazers. It includes constellation maps with deep sky objects, lunar maps, guides to planetary observing, astrophotography, basic image processing and more.

I'd always wanted to do a book of this nature since us southerners had been flooded by so many overseas titles for too long. Simply tired of seeing so many northern hem titles in book shops that were cluttered with deep-sky objects many of which are simply way beyond the reach of the common urban telescope owners. We needed something written and published for down-under observers with a realistic approach for beginners to intermediate.

It was a mission to produce I have to say but  I was honoured to work long time friend Steve Quirk on this project. First edition published in 2007 the aim of this beautifully produced hard cover book was to provide almost everything in useful in general terms for all newcomers to the hobby of astronomy combined with realistically observable celestial objects which are featured in the maps and chapters throughout.

Fred Watson of the Australian Astronomical Observatory who kindly wrote the foreword was deeply impressed at how good it is. This title has been one of the most successful Australian produced general astronomy books of its kind. It has in fact earned its place into the text and references of several other books out there as a great observers guide to the southern hemisphere.

We'd also like to thank the publisher for making such an expensive to produce book so affordable. It has been listed in ABC shops and all other major book vendors throughout Australia and has also seen sales overseas. The second edition was released in September 2010 and sold out the entire print run by late 2011.
The 3rd revised edition was released in June 2013 and includes fully revised maps, more objects, more images from southern hemisphere astro-photographers and a monthly deep sky planner. Plus.. much more. See more information about this book here




For the Young Inquiring Mind

How does the night sky work?
Steve Massey

An easy-to-read introduction to the wonders of our universe mainly written for young enquiring minds.

This hard back book was written at the request of the publisher to inspire young people about the wonders of the universe that surrounds us. May adults have said they enjoyed learning while reading this books to there kids and even bought a telescope as a result.


How Does the Night Sky Work

Space, Stars & Planets
Steve Massey

A follow on from the above title, Space Stars & Planets is a BIG hard back picture book filled with many inspiring images and science information to feed the young enquiring mind.

It has featured as a science prize in many public schools across Australia.




Space, Stars and Planets by Steve Massey


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