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Sep 2021 - Mercury  650nm pass filter July 2018 - Mars (with GSTAR-EX3)
Aug 2021 - GSTAR-EX3 information guide Jun 2018 - Jupiter (with GSTAR-EX3)
Aug 2021 - GSTAR-EX4 information guide Jun 2017 - Saturn (first with GSTAR-EX3 camera)
Aug 2018 - Mars (with Concorde 290M) Jun 2017 - Jupiter & Io
Aug 2018 - Venus (with LP-GUIDE-C2) May 2017- Deep-Sky GSTAR-EX3 & EX4

Whilst my old website here needs some serious updating, I am adding bits and pieces in the interim which may be of use to some early customers of my previous optical supply business.

Some old informational pages and data for the GSTAR-EX camera series that I introduced to Australia since 2006 can now be re-found here.
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